Friday, June 15, 2012


Today we split into to two groups. My group (me, Callie, Michael, Lauren) went to take a cable car to the rainforest to hike to some waterfalls while the other group went to go mist netting. We got to wake up later than the other group, leaving at 9:00 to go to the cable car. The car took us across a big ravine, which had really beautiful views. We hiked down to three different waterfalls, all the while learning interesting things from Nikki, a resident biologist. Did you know that algae grow on sloth’s fur and that they poop once a week? Me neither! The water was freezing cold which felt so good on my 100+ sand fly bites (I have resorted to sleeping with socks on my hands so I don’t scratch them while I sleep). Only Michael and I braved the arctic waters, which Callie and Lauren definitely missed out big time on. Later that day we had another critique by Massimo. 

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