Friday, June 15, 2012


            Today some of us woke up early to go to the hummingbird sanctuary early, at six. We saw a ton of hummingbirds and two toucans and snapped a lot of pics. We came back for breakfast and then the rest of the group joined us to return to the bird place. After being there twice, I’d say I got a solid 500 pictures of hummingbirds. We split into groups to go find a place for lunch. Callie, Michael, Sarah Jane, Clara and I went to a restaurant that was a little out of our budget, so all we got was rice and milkshakes. Needless to say it was delicious! After a quick photo uploading session we split into groups of three to wander around the town and take pictures. Clara, Madeline and I wandered around the back streets and snapped some quality photos. After our urban photo shoot our leaders surprised us with a chocolate making expedition! I basically live for chocolate, so this was very exciting. We saw how they make the chocolate from cacao beans and got to help make fondue. It was really delicious and I definitely ate more than my share. We literally sprinted back to the hotel to be able to make it to the restaurant in time for dinner. At dinner we were served a whole fish each, which Bailey and I had a superb time dissecting. Cutting the head off and looking for the brains was fun! I discovered that fish eye and fins actually taste pretty good. After dinner we went on a night bug hunt, where we found a “toilet paper” leaf and a couple of spiders and cockroaches, which are surprisingly smaller than Texas cockroaches. 

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