Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye Amazon, Hello Galapagos!

Today we are leaving the Amazon for Quito. It was raining when we woke up so we didn’t get to go on a morning canoe ride. Breakfast was really delicious, with a pancake that tasted like cake and an omelet. Our five-hour motorcanoe ride to Coca was extended due to motor trouble and the rain, so it was more like a 7 hour ride. We also got pretty wet, it was cold, and I discovered some more bug bites. Once we got to Coca we took another short plane flight back to Quito. That night we ate at the delicious sandwich place again.

Today we are leaving Quito for the Galapagos! Our flight was pretty crowded until the stop in Guayaquil, where most of the people got off. The plane was really spacious, especially for Madeleine (Hamilton) and I because we sat in the emergency exit row. It was around three hours long. We arrived on San Cristobal, the first of two islands we are visiting. Our Galakiwi guides met us at the airport along with our native guide, Julian. We ate lunch and put our stuff in our hotel rooms and then set off to go snorkeling. First though we walked through an information center with all sorts of cool facts about the Galapagos. After that we hiked up a hill to get a good view and then hiked down to a dock on a small bay where we were going to snorkel. We got in and the water was freezing even though we had on wetsuits. We swam with sea lions; saw sea turtles and all sorts of fish! It was really cool and fun! My waterproof camera really came in handy and takes surprisingly good pictures (thanks Daddy, by the way happy belated Father’s Day!). We walked to a beach with lots of sea lions and took pretty sunset pictures. For dinner we ate at a delicious restaurant the literally gave us a bucket of mashed potatoes, which were amazing. We probably ate the most of any meal that night.

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