Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to America!

This morning we left the Galapagos for Quito. We took a bus, a boat, another bus, a plane, and a bus to get there. As usual Madeleine and I sat in the emergency exit aisle. They must know that we are experts at saving lives or something. We presented our on assignments that night and then went to eat dinner. We got cuy, which is guinea pig. It was like eating Tuck from Wonder Pets and it was kind of good. Our last night was sad and we stayed up late to buy the new Maroon 5 album at 11:00. We then woke up two and a half hours later to go the airport for our six am flight. The flight was uneventful, with most people sleeping and working on their books. We were probably all a little happy to be back in Houston. Running off of three hours of sleep is rough normally, and it was even harder since Sarah Jane and I went to the Coldplay concert. It was a great trip, and I will definitely miss the weather compared to 100 degrees!

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