Friday, June 15, 2012


This morning Sarah Jane discovered how slippery the floor was while wearing socks. We had a photography lesson and then went to a butterfly sanctuary to take pictures. A truck picked us up and we all rode in the back. The road has a lot of potholes, so it was quite bumpy. We snapped a lot of good butterfly pics and got to hold them on our hands and faces. I stalked the blue morpho butterflies, following them around and trying to get a good picture of their wings. After our butterfly photo shoot we walked across the street to the river to go tubing. We rode in a giant raft consisting of nine inner tubes tied together in freezing cold water and it was so fun! I tried out my waterproof camera for the first time and luckily, it worked! We got back to the hotel and tried out the hot tub, fitting 11 people in it at one time-lets just say it overflowed a little. Tonight we ate at an Italian restaurant and the nine kids ate 38 pieces of pizza, taking advantage of the familiar food. 

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