Friday, June 15, 2012

Mist Netting

Today was our second day of separate group activities, and my group went mist netting. We took a taxi to a trail that we had to hike to get to the bird cabin. It was kind of muddy and sometimes steep, so I became president of the falling club. I kind of felt like Luke Skywalker with Yoda as my backpack trekking through the wilderness. We got to the bird cabin and met Luke and Katie, a biologist and a teacher who are in charge of the mist netting project. Mist netting is when they set up thin nets in the rainforest to catch species of birds and tag them. They measure them and check their weight to see how they are doing and then rerelease them. We caught a total of eleven birds and it was really interesting to see them up close. The hike back was a little worse than the way down because it was hotter and more uphill. After the hike we went into town to get pizza, which was really delicious. We got back to the hotel before the other group and we all fell asleep on the hammocks. Later that day we went to Nikki’s restaurant and had some good food.

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